Used PWS 8-8 water distiller – 6 Month Warranty


The PWS 8-8 water distiller duplicates natures own method of purifying water.

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This highly reliable process for purifying water combines distillation with a high capacity activated carbon filter providing clean, great tasting water.

Features & Benefits: • Trouble free float system • Seal protected switching • Highly efficient, stainless steel finned coil • Large 5″ boiling and storage tank opening • 3/4” impurities drain • Stainless steel filter cannister

Height: 46” (116.8cm) Depth: 11” (27.9cm) Width: 17 ½” (44.5cm) Weight: 52 lbs (23.6kg) Distilling Capacity: 8.0 US gal (30.3 L)/24 hrs Holding Tank Capacity: 8.0 US gal (30.3 L)

Volts: 120v Amps: 9.2 Hertz: 60 Watts: 1100

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