Precision Water Distiller PWS 45-75 Small Commercial


Precision Water Distiller PWS 45-75 Small Commercial  (220V)

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This automatic distiller will produce 45 gallons of pure water daily.

Source water enters the unique boiling system producing hot steam which rises, entering the baffle and pure water tower. This pure steam is then cooled by an efficient cooling system. After the steam leaves the cooling coil it proceeds as condensed, pure water through a stainless steel tube or charcoal filter to be stored in a 75 gallon storage tank. This storage tank comes complete with an ozone fitting and three pump outlet fittings. The pump kit system is plugged into the distiller and automatically shuts off if there is not a sufficient amount of water available for distribution.

All tanks are equipped with a leak free water gauge indicating the present water level.

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Weight 69000 g
Dimensions 53.3 × 64.8 × 171.5 cm


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