How We Impact our Environment – Fox with Plastic Bottle

This video was filmed in Alberta, Canada by Steve Jarmics. To his surprise this fox brought out of the den a water bottle. It shows that we need to take action now to reduce the amount of plastics in our world. It is also time for us to look at how we can protect humans from the dangers of microplastics, chemicals and e-coli in our water.

Brain-eating amoeba found in Louisiana drinking water again

As we are starting to be made aware of what is actually in our drinking water what did you expect. When was the last time any municipality flushed out the lines that carry it to your home? But what is even more disturbing is this quote from the article:

The water is “perfectly safe to drink,” claimed Michael Sobert from Consolidated Waterworks, “it’s just not safe to get up your nose.”

Silicon Valley’s largest city is sounding the alarm about a drinking water crisis that no one knows how to fix

The problem with our drinking water is not going to change without being proactive. Although many have told me there is no problem, their water tastes great. After 20 years in this business I can tell you with certainty that where the same people are today with their health compared to people who were proactive is evidence there is a problem. We all need to be aware not scared and please stop making excuses because its our children and their children who are going to suffer.

New study claims 43 states expose millions to dangerous chemical in drinking water

David Andrews, a senior scientist for the Environmental Working Group is bringing awareness about PFAS chemicals in our drinking water. As he states this is not isolated to the United States and has found a link to health problems. He was asked about water filters and states, “they will help a little bit”! and goes on to say “reverse osmosis, filtration will reduce the levels…”. This concurs that, although filtration does reduce the amount of PFAS chemicals, it does not eliminate them. We will be confirming if water distillation removes PFAS chemicals from water.

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