Flint schools receive water stations, filtration systems from billionaire Elon Musk

“Billionaire inventor Elon Musk and his Musk Foundation are donating $480,350 for water stations and filtration equipment for every building in Flint Community Schools.”


Distilled Water: The Best Type of Water for Cooking, Baking and Food Preparation

“As we all know, it is a kind of water where all the impurities, toxins and minerals are removed; water in its purest form. A lot of people are using it for food preparation”.

Before you start all of your Thanksgiving cooking and and baking, make sure that everything you make is the best that it can be.


Are you drinking lead? Pipes bringing water to our homes present a serious risk

“Would you drink a glass of water with a straw made of lead? It’s possible that you already do. Every day, tens of thousands of water pipes made of lead deliver water to kitchen taps across New York City. These pipes, known as lead service lines, connect water mains to residential buildings.”

Be sure to protect yourself from contaminated water by drinking reverse osmosis filtered or distilled water.


How Do I Know if My Tap Water is Safe?

The best way to know that your water is always safe to drink is by using an at home water purifier.

“A number of contaminants, including arsenic and nitrates, are hidden to the naked eye. In many cases, a single drinking water system will contain more than one hazardous chemical, making it difficult for individuals to evaluate the overall health risk.”


Filtering your water? Don’t forget the shower!

” Shower filters can effectively eliminate or reduce contaminants like chlorine and other DBPs. They are also relatively inexpensive, especially compared to hair treatments, skin treatments, and medical costs. “


Shower Filters available here – https://www.h2oknow.com/product/15-stage-super-september-head-shower-water-purifier-filter/