About Us

Water is the one of the most important and ignored elements that drives life. It has no borders and can flow both over and underground. Most importantly, none of us would be here without it! And remember this, how many people drink water?

When I started to investigate water, there were issues that confused me. For instance, why do people want to drink chlorine? I understood the premise, its because it keeps bacteria out of drinking water. However, bleach! This is one of many reasons why we need to think carefully about the water we are putting into our bodies either from a city or rural well. Is it really safe? What are the long-term effects? Is there an alternative?

I’ll leave the discovery of water up to you and we will post news; both past and present news and articles to help you decide for yourself.

For me, I want to share with you a common sense approach to water. I know 100% for sure that the water I drink is 99% pure H₂O and free of bacteria. It has no conductivity because it has no good or bad minerals in the water. Basically, it is lab pure!

When we cook we use a variety of different ingredients and we mix them together to get the full benefit. With pure distilled water you have a base to start with. It is up to you what you put in your water. At H2OKnow we are focused on helping our customers overcome the challenges with their water equipment and learn how to always know when a machine needs to be cleaned, and be assured that your water is the best for you and your health.

Peter Jarmics – CEO, H2OKnow Water Group Ltd.

Introduction to Water Distillers

Pure water is not easy to get, and it can be costly! Maintaining water equipment is like maintaining a car! There is regular scheduled maintenance that needs to be done so it produces the results you want. In our vehicles we have early warning systems and sensors that help us know when we need to get service. However, water systems need to be visually inspected on a regular schedule. But how often do you check your furnace or your water system?

Technology is a big part of our society so we have built a system to help you both understand your machine, but also real time monitoring and detection from your water equipment.